Tarping Systems (manufactured by Pull Tarps Inc.)

We offer a full line of Pulltarps® Manual Arm Systems, Automatic Arm Systems, and Front to Back Cable Systems. So no matter what type of truck or trailer you have and no matter what type of material you haul, we have a truck tarp system for you.

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Works great for hauling dirt, sand aggregate and asphalt. Fast and simple to use. Can be upgraded to manual or automatic arm systems. Easy to install.


Manual Arms

Lifts your tarp over the load. Keeps rope out of hot asphalt. Ideal for retrofitting, the pullarms will easily add on to existing systems. Can be converted in minutes.

Automatic Arms

Can be wired with wireless remote control. Telescoping arm sections for easy installation. Powerful motor with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Systems are complete with arms, springs, motor, wire, and switch kit.


Cable System

Great for most loads. Feature bows that can be replaced when damaged without removing cable. Use UHMW sliders at bow ends that are Lifetime Guaranteed. Available with manual or electric drive.


Tower System

Great for Waste Industry. Telescoping Tower that adjusts to 120″ when fully extended. Includes self-contained hydraulic power pack. Available as automatic or semi-automatic system.


Open System

Most economical truck tarp system available.

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Steel Protector

Galvanized End Plates and Steel Housing – Steel Bolt-in Spring Shaft Anchor.

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Protector Plus

Most economical system that offers protection from loader bucket damage and falling debris.

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Super Shield

Fully enclosed, radiused steel housing is 100% welded for maximum protection and strength.

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Polished Aluminum Finish – Largest, highest capacity housing available – Aluminum End Plates

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